Kings Hill Live Music
Kent Gigs
Kent is alive with live music! And most of it is free!
Please support your local pubs and bands.
Sun 09/03/2018 5pm Get Carter Ypres Sittingbourne
Sat 10/03/2018 9pm Rock,Paper,Scissors Bear & Ragged Crayford
Fri 16/03/2018 9pm AVANZI Market Inn Faversham
Sat 17/03/2018 9.30pm AVANZI Druids Maidstone
Sat 24/03/2018 9pm AVANZI Tiger Moth Chatham
Sat   31/03/2018 9pm AVANZI Birchington Club Birchington
Sun 01/04/2018 tbc Avanzi Princes Park Chatham
Fri 06/04/2018 9pm AVANZI Hunstman Rochester
Fri 06/04/2018 9pm Get Carter Druids Maidstone
Fri 20/04/2018 9.30pm Andy White Band Druids Maidstone
Fri 21/04/2018 9.30pm Get Carter Chequers Sevenoaks
Sat 21/04/2018 9pm Mofos Unicorn Marden
Sat 28/04/2018 9pm Andy White Band Kings Arms Offham
Sat 05/05/2018 8.30pm Get Carter Kings Arms Offham May Day
Sat 06/05/2018 9pm AVANZI Woodcoombe S & S Sittingbourne
Sat 11/05/2018 9.30pm Rock,Paper,Scissors Druids Maidstone
Sat 12/05/2018 9pm Assorted Bear & Ragged Crayford
Sat 12/05/2018 8.30-11pm AVANZI Duke of Marlborough Maidstone
Sat 19/05/2018 9pm Avanzi Bear & Ragged Crayford
Fri 25/05/2018 8.30pm AVANZI Chequers Sevenoaks
Sat 26/05/2018 8.30pm Andy White Band Rifleman Sevenoaks
Sat 26/05/2018 tbc AVANZI Elmhurst Holiday Pk Isle of Sheppey

Park Life Music Festival Sat 21st July  £20
  Adam Barron  Avanzi Top Guns  Reyes Lucia Loren  
The Mofos  Get Carter

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